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I love Jarra
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Iron Lady
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Jarrow's Glory
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Made in Jarrow
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No More Heroes
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Not Bad
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Sad Girl
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The Spirit Lives On
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The Warning



Jarrow on Tyne

673 Birth of St Bede the Venerable Bede

1832 william Jobling gibbeted

1851 Palmer’s Shipyard established

1852 John Bowes iron screw collier built

1935 Ellen Wilkinson elected MP for Jarrow

1936 The Jarrow Crusade

Paintings in acrylic 32”x24”

Drawings in pencil A3



St. Paul’s, Jarrow.

It is
The oldest of dust,
Gathered into the corner
Of a town
Still rattling with
Iron and anger.
Layer upon layer
Of stone and silt
Laid down to fashion
The perfect hide
For restless spirits,
Roaming spirits.

It is
A stone box bursting
To the lid
With the glittering jewels
Of lore, memory
And colour:
All held fast as
Sent down through
The centuries for
Our safe keeping.

It is
The beginning
And the end
Of the Great mystery.
Old tales are
Told and retold
‘til the quantum code
Is cracked.
Then we will know
And not know.
For now I say, stay.
Stay hidden in the trees.

And wait …

Barry Hall
(From :  The Radgie History of Jarra)

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