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Tyne Dock Arches, Tyne Dock 2006

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This impressive series of arches was constructed in the mid 1800’s, to bring the rail tracks into the massive 50 acre Tyne Dock, situated between Jarrow and South Shields on the river Tyne.

The arches were built at a gradient to allow the trucks to continue to travel down from the Durham coal field, using their own momentum. Up to 7 million tons of coal were shipped from Tyne Dock in its heyday, along with iron ore, pig iron and manufactured goods.

The arches were made famous by Catherine Cookson who described them as “The five great slime dripping arches of Tyne Dock” in her novel Kate Hannigan. They were demolished in the 1970’s.

Each A3 (297x420mm) print is individually signed and numbered. Price £25.00 (approx $50.00 USD) inc postage worldwide

The original A2 (420x594mm) indian ink drawing is available to purchase. Please email me for details.

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