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Smailholm Tower, The Scottish Borders 2004

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Smailholm Tower is perched on a rocky outcrop near Sandyknowe in the Scottish Borders.

Built by the Pringle family in the 15th Century, the tower has been subject to many raids by English invaders, by the 1640’s the castle had passed into the hands of the Scott family. Legendary novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott spent part of his childhood there.

Smailholm Tower is renowned in Border ballads and even today has an intriguing sense of foreboding and mystery.

This drawing was completed during a typical overcast Borders afternoon in July.

Each A3 (297x420mm) print is individually signed and numbered. Price £25.00 (approx $50.00 USD) inc postage worldwide

The original A2 (420x594mm) indian ink drawing is available to purchase. Please email me for details.

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